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About Panic Room Productions

Panic Room Productions is a full-service podcasting studio that has been built by a team that lives and breathes podcasting. From producing their own podcasts to developing podcasts for clients, the team at Panic Room Productions have thousands of hours of experience in podcasting.

Whether it’s your passion project or a business podcast our approach is the same – to produce the most engaging content possible to get your podcast the most listeners possible. We have been there and done that when it comes to podcasting and can offer you the right advice to ensure that your podcast is a success.

Meet Our Team



Miriah is a talented podcast producer specialising in creating engaging content for female audiences. Recognising the importance of authentic and relatable storytelling, Miriah has a keen eye for identifying exceptional hosts who can connect with female listeners on a profound level. Through her collaborative approach, she nurtures talent and provides guidance, enabling her clients to shine and bring their unique perspectives to the world of podcasting.

With a genuine commitment to creating spaces where women’s voices are heard and celebrated, Miriah brings a distinct perspective and passion to each project she undertakes. Her versatility shines through as she effortlessly navigates various genres and formats, adapting her production skills to suit the specific needs of each show.

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Matt is a seasoned podcast producer with a knack for creating captivating audio experiences. With a perfect blend of behind-the-scenes expertise and charismatic hosting skills, Matt has carved a niche for himself in the ever-evolving world of podcasting.

As a podcast producer, Matt has an innate ability to transform raw ideas into professionally polished podcasts. His attention to detail ensures that every episode maintains a seamless flow and delivers an immersive experience to the listeners.

Beyond his expertise in production, Matt is a natural host, adept at capturing audiences with his warm and engaging personality. His ability to connect with guests on a personal level enables them to bring out the best in conversations, ensuring that each episode is not only informative but also entertaining.

Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster looking for a skilled producer to bring your vision to life or an established podcast seeking an experienced host, Matt is the creative professional you need. His dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence makes him the perfect asset for your podcast.

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Sophie is a talented and versatile podcast production assistant with a passion for talent ID and marketing. With a keen eye for identifying exceptional guests and a knack for strategic promotion, Sophie plays a crucial role in bringing the “Panic Room” podcasts to life.

Whether it’s assisting with talent sourcing, managing production logistics, or implementing marketing initiatives, Sophie is an integral part of the podcasting journey. Her dedication, adaptability, and passion for podcast production make her an invaluable asset, ensuring that every episode is seamlessly executed and reaches the right audience.

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